Friday night in? Take away the temptation

Takeaways: the ultimate student temptation. We have all been there. It is a Friday night, your brain is weary from studying at the library all day, what is left of the food in the fridge expired in September 2012 and, let’s face it, you are starving and the last thing on your mind is cooking a sad meal for one.


In your eyes, the only way to solve this dilemma is to call your local Chinese which, of course, is already on speed-dial. Stop and think again. Takeaways are not your only solution to dinner when you are hungry and seriously lacking in culinary inspiration on a Friday night, or any night of the week for that matter.

Is anyone else feeling the strain on their purse this semester? That’s right, takeaways may seem like a beautiful invention that puts you in charge of your own food destiny, but they are not kind on the bank balance. Spending around £20 here and there on an indulgent spur of the moment takeaway all adds up without you realising.

In terms of value for money, takeaways are a complete rip-off. You can buy a perfectly good pizza from the UFO for a mere two pounds, rather than paying extortionate prices for a take-out margherita. Think of the better ways that you could be spending all that money, like on an LCR ticket, maybe?

The most obvious reason to cut takeaways out of your life is for the benefit to your health. They are jam packed with calories, fat, additives, sugar, e-numbers, added salt and let’s be honest, probably horse. Takeaways will no doubt go against your new year’s resolution of eating more healthily and getting that summer-ready beach body, so think again when you reach for your phone.

The concept of “meal sharing” with housemates is a great way to curb the appeal of ordering in as it works on the basis that each day of the week, a different housemate will buy and cook dinner. This means that you aren’t obliged to cook seven days a week, you will get a variety of meals and it works out considerably cheaper for all of you. Also, ordering food in won’t be an option because each housemate has a scheduled specific day to cook.

Making a big batch of a meal at the start of the week, such as chilli-con-carne or spaghetti bolognese, and freezing it into portions is an alternative for a fast and zero-effort meal. It would take less time to reheat than it would to order fast food, plus it costs a fraction of the price.

So next time you think about picking up the phone and indulging in a takeaway, just think of your bank balance and that summer beach body; no doubt you will resist the temptation.


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June 2021
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