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Taliban enters Kabul, captures last remaining Afghan city

Recently released footage appears to show Taliban fighters inside the Presidential palace in the Afghan capital of Kabul as the group tightens their grip over the nation’s major cities. Former President Ashraf Ghani earlier fled the country for neighbouring Uzbekistan following the rapid advance of Taliban forces, which have left tens of thousands displaced and many dead.

British and American forces have arrived in Afghanistan in a bid to evacuate both nationals and Afghan citizens who have worked alongside the Western militaries throughout the last 20 years.

The Prime Minister has recalled the UK Parliament from their summer recess from Wednesday to discuss the issue and establish a plan of action for British intervention, as the Prime Minister pleaded with other “like-minded nations” to assist with providing aid in the area to prevent it from becoming a “breeding ground of terror” once again.

Elsewhere, the Biden administration is facing scrutiny for his implementation of the US withdrawal policy. The nation has had a significant military presence in Afghanistan since 2001, following the 9/11 attacks. However, both major political parties have agreed that this should be wound down since the end of active combat in 2014.

Observers of the situation both within Afghanistan and externally have expressed concern about what the future would hold under Taliban control. In previous periods where the group have held power, women have been prevented from leaving the house without written permission from men, journalism and television reporting were severely limited, and public punishment or executions were commonplace.

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