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Taylor Swift, Alan Shearer, and me: learning from the COVID apocalypse

Alright lads, welcome back to the editorial you actually care about – the weird guy’s one. Going to jump into the best news of the year, Taylor Swift’s new album, folklore. First things first, I did buy a vinyl copy that won’t come until November, which is a great use of money. Couple quick thoughts, the album is incredible, musically, lyrically, just amazing. I was actually going through a major Taylor reoccurrence at the time, listening to her music constantly, watching live performances, watching Miss Americana, so to, out of the blue, hear she had a new album was amazing. Even better was to hear one of my favourite musicians, Bon Iver, had a song with her, and commensurate with expectations, it’s one of my favourite songs ever.

In other news, the Saudi Arabia-led takeover of Newcastle United failed, and I genuinely cried when I heard it. I have a deep, deep dislike for the Premier League’s actions and the way they handled this. I was advised that stronger words would not be becoming of Concrete, but I will say briefly that I feel they mistreated Newcastle, its fans, and the buyers, and even though said buyers weren’t perfect, I was excited for the possibility of my club being legitimately good. Football has brought great displeasure to my life, in between brief moments of great ecstasy, and that seems like it will continue. Very similar to my Kanye West love. As a result of this news, I spent about 3 days just watching Newcastle highlights from years past. I watched the 5-0 against Man Utd from 1996, saw when we came back from 0-4 to draw Arsenal 4-4. I watched Alan Shearer constantly. In case anyone knows him, please put me in touch, I’d love an interview.

I also played a lot of football manager, I’m currently in charge of Swedish 4th division side, Torslanda IK. We’ve got a real penchant for come from behind victories, 0-2 to 3-2, 1-1 to 4-1. We’re storming to promotion to the Swedish First Division (actually the third tier) and I’m excited to see what the squad can do.

I think the message of this editorial is simple. We had arguably the worst year in recent history and then Taylor Swift dropped an absolutely magical album that will probably break my heart for years to come. Newcastle were 4-0 down at half time, and then “BOOM BOOM CHEICK CHEICK THE ROOM” happened and we somehow managed to come fifth after being in the championship two years earlier. And Torslanda were 2-0 down and then the magic of Zlatan Krizanovic managed to get us the vital three points to get to top of the league. The fact is, it’s not over till the clock runs out, before then, anything can happen. At least that’s what I’m telling myself every time I look at Mike Ashley’s face. Which happens quite regularly in my nightmares.


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