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Fashion has always influenced our technology. From the introduction of ornate Grandfather clocks and beyond, the desire for the aesthetically pleasing have merged with our desire to technologically adavance ourselves. Now with the rising popularity of wearable technology, it is only fitting that fashion and technology companies caught on and are marketing said products to us now more than ever. Here is just a glimpse at the ways you can have fun with technology.

1. Watches are the obvious example of a fashionable technological item. They come in all colours, shapes and sizes. They vary in texture and material, all with the simple aim to look good and appeal to the mood or look that you are trying to achive that day. From the classic swiss watches to the multi-coloured Swatch, there are so many options to play around with. Most recently Apple and Samsung have released their smart watches, and this has raised the bar for arm candy significantly. Now not only will your timepiece look great, it can also do almost as much as your phone. With the variety of straps available for these smart watches, there are now infinite ways that they can be personalised to suit your style.

2.Headphones haven’t always been the most attractive of technological items but in more recent times more and more companies are focusing on making them as attractive as the phones and computers that we plug them into. Companies like Skinny Dip London and the Instagram staple, Frends have been making waves with their beautiful and relatively affordable headphone choices. Whether you want your headphones to come in rosegold or coated in diamantes, these two, and many other brands, have got you covered.

3. Since the advent of smart phones, phone cases have really blown up as a way to personalise our most used piece of technology. In a world where it seems that we all either have, an iPhone, Samsung, or HTC, phone cases allow you to put your personal stamp on your phone. After all, chances are you are going to be be stuck with it for the next 24 months, so phone cases give you a chance to mix it up and, near the end of your lenghty phone contract, if you squint, pretend that you have an entirely differrent phone.

4. Glasses are arguably wearable technological items, after all they can make those with vision impairments see. Joking aside, glasses do actually feature the end product of many a technological advancment, from reaction lenses to the ability to filter out UV rays. The most recent leap forward for the eyewear industry was made by Google, when they launched Google Glass. While they weren’t as successful due to the sheer ridiculousness of their appearance, who knows, in a couple of years time that could very well be where our eyewear technology is heading. I guess we will just have to wait and see.


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