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Temple Run 2 – review

Temple Run 2, recently released for free on Android and iOS, is the anticipated sequel to the irritatingly addictive Temple Run. It’s a fast paced, infinite runner game that asks players to steer around a twisted, abandoned temple and a new mine cart track. Along the way the aim is to collect coins and power ups which help boost your score.

Thankfully Temple Run 2 hasn’t made any changes to the responsive swipe and tilt mechanisms employed in the last game, which easily allow you to throw your adventurer around corners and over obstacles. Both games offer a choice of different characters. However, unlike its predecessor, Temple Run 2’s four characters impact the game by unlocking different power ups for the player. During each game, collecting coins fills up the power bar. When it’s full, the player can double tap to take advantage of a speed boost, coin magnet, a shield and more.

Temple Run was the perfect game for casual gamers with a minute or two to spare. However, the addition of the new gem currency allows players to spend gems to carry on playing after dying, without returning to the beginning. This means that although the gems are relatively rare, games last longer, and although average player scores are higher, those who can afford to buy gems in bulk from Imangi dominate the high scoreboards.

An annoying oversight is that objectives can only be completed when they are displayed as one of your current three. Therefore you will sometimes be set objectives such as “run 5,000m” although it’s already been achieved. Considering some of the most difficult objectives include “score 10,000,000 points,” it’s something that could use patching.

The game’s vastly improved 3D graphics and lighting does result in some texture pop-in, even on high-end devices, and this sometimes makes it difficult to anticipate obstacles in your path, even more so the faster you’re moving.

Imangi have been clever to not meddle with the simple design which made their first game a raging success but their improvements to graphics are a welcome upgrade. Despite some issues, Temple Run 2 is still a game that everybody will enjoy.


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