The adventure is all around us

It is what we secretly long for in moments of doubt

When all is known but none seems to make sense

All is laid out but yet seems to slip

Through our fingertips when we bend to collect


When all is unknown but all appears clear

When we stray into momentary darkness

Take the hand of the momentary invisible

This is when we stray headlong into the stream of light

That ignites the invisible into a tangible flame


To wander through untreaded landscapes

To wonder through unfamiliar urban fortresses

Up tracks that may carve up and down and all around before knowing

When you’ll turn back down

To the ground


To look around at formations forming

Life beginning

Through eyes alive and frantic

Finally to escape dungeon sockets that for so long confined them

To watching over the same walls

The same floors

That have walled and floored for so long


Break out from the walls

Stamp down through the floors

Become a stranger

Drifting strangely through your strange surroundings


Relish in the not knowing

Give yourself up to the forgiving rain and wind

And leave footprints

On a path not yet paved


Take my hand and I’ll take yours

See through my eyes as I see through yours and we’ll look

Me through you

Past deceiving notions of time and love

Carelessly and compassionately

Loving and living

To find that the parameters are yours to uncover

As alive as that which has been framed within them

And all the while as transient


Take my hand and I’ll take yours

We’ll both be strangers in our own land

Never to be lost

So long as we don’t know where we’re going

But we’ll go there

And we’ll get there

And we’ll stand there

Hand in hand


So long as we’re lost

We’re free to find anything

So long as we’re lost

We’re free to be found


Untame yourself

Let go of the rail and jump onto the trail

Blazing through bare foot fields

Flattening soil with sole

Stepping into your own footsteps

And gliding aimlessly


With eyes open

Mind curious

Contemplation, continuous


Bless the solace and greet the flock

Drink the water that runs from the hillside

Cross the boards that bridge the gap

Between hearts of confusion

And minds of wonderment

Feel the tip tap of finger tips and taps that trip

Upon your shoulders


Dive into the shallow water

And realise that you can float

Rather than have to swim

With eyes wide

Arms wider

Into the air that rises through it


Share my breath and I’ll share yours

We’ll drift away

Disappear into the stream

Like we hid behind the clouds


The wind and waves will write us the song.

If only we could dance forever.