The Amelia Gething Complex: Bizarre But Brilliant

‘The Amelia Gething Complex’ is bizarre. It’s sort of a sitcom, but it’s also a sketch show; there was a Christmas special released in March and there’s an evil giant duck. It is basically a cartoon in live action, with extra weirdness thrown in for good measure and it’s back for a second series. It’s strange, it’s confusing and it’s brilliant.

Led by Gething, who found fame on TikTok precursor and YouTube, the show thrives on recurring jokes, surrealism and meta comedy. It is always clever, but it never gets above itself. Sometimes it is laugh out loud funny, but even when you’re not laughing, you are transfixed by the peculiarity of it all.

The reason the show can get away with so much is probably because the cast are so strong and likeable. Gething is a natural and captivating (yet also brilliantly awkward at times) lead who, as she references herself in the show, engages well with the audience and really drives each episode. She is supported by the equally capable and funny Jasmin Hinds and Natalia Hinds as her flatmates Vinny and Poppy respectively and Alex Griffin-Griffiths as weird neighbour Wallace, a hilarious performance which perhaps best represents the show’s balance of semi-childish humour and meta eccentricity.

It is not a show that’s ever obvious. This series alone they did a fake Christmas advert to a slow version of Buck Fizz’s Making Your Mind Up, had a man running to be Prime Minister with broccoli taped to his face and featured the cult of the mitochondria, which actually turned out to be of sprouts. Our world may be confusing at times, but ‘The Amelia Gething Complex’ always goes ten steps further, and it deserves to be renewed for a third series.

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