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The art of layering

To the courageous few still braving the Norfolk winds in playsuits and skimpy dresses, I salute you, but the time has come for us to accept a chilling fact: winter is coming. It’s easy to feel down and dreary as you fold away your shorts and search the back of the wardrobe for jeans and a jumper, but dressing for cold weather does not mean freezing your fashion instincts. After all, more clothes equals more opportunity to combine and create! The art of layering can keep you feeling toasty and looking hot.

The best part about layering is the versatility it lends to your wardrobe: there are no rules, so have fun with it! If you prefer a girly look and hate the idea of covering up with jeans and jumpers, why not stay warm and on trend with some bold tights? Not just for school, tights can be a real statement item: ripped, patterned, knitted, white and sweet or coloured and clashing; we are finally at an age where we can experiment without risk of detention, so go for it!I am also a huge fan of knee socks – although play it safe with white, black or grey to avoid the Toddler-dressing-self-for-first-time look. Tights or knee socks will protect your pins from the cold, allowing you to parade around campus in your cutest dress or mini skirt frostbite free. Plaid skirts will work especially well to create an on trend preppy look (think Cher from Clueless this autumn. And always.)

If skirts aren’t really your style, don’t feel confined to last year’s jeans: embrace this season’s sophisticated classic vibes with a pair of tailored or cigarette trousers. Pairing cigarette trousers with a high necked crop jumper and sleeveless long line blazer will make you look like a timeless babe who probably owns her own company.

Handily, this trend has also resulted in the return of the oversize coat, so if you’re looking to feel snuggly but look icy cool, a classic belted waterfall coat is the way to go. These coats are having a moment right now and I for one am on board because apart from anything else, there’s so much material involved that you could be wearing your pyjamas underneath and the world would be none the wiser. And isn’t that the goal, really? Plus, buying a belted option allows you to cinch the waist slightly to prevent any shapelessness in your silhouette – very cute, very comfy.

If you want a new wardrobe but the loan is already pinching, turn to accessories! Dangly earrings, the bigger the better, are back and can transform your plainest long sleeve tee into an understated contrast. For the more adventurous, switch up traditionally dull items: swap the gloves you’ve had forever for some Hepburn-esque over the elbow gloves! You could even search Etsy for a faux fur muffler and waltz around town like the Russian princess that you are.

Layering offers so many possibilities: winter is essentially mother nature’s blessing to play dress up, so go for it – why be cold when you could be bold?


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