The Au Natural Way To Shop

Venue Fashion spoke to local UEA student representative from EllaPure, Bev Couzens about the all-natural range she has been promoting around Norfolk.

The Au Natural Way To Shop

Hi Bev, so first things first, what exactly is EllaPure?

EllaPure is a family-run company which focuses on selling all natural health and beauty products for anyone and everyone. We really want to make organic living accessible and affordable to those who are interested.

So what is it that makes EllaPure different from the mainstream high street brands?

EllaPure differs from the high street brands in that it steers clear from nasty chemicals such as parabens and SLS which can often cause irritation to the skin. A lot of people don’t think to check the labels on well-known brands which contain these preservatives. The range is also dedicated to the organic and is fully sourced in the UK, all from sustainable sources and without animal testing so your conscience is just as clean as your skin!

So taking a look at the EllaPure range, what sort of products would you recommend for the average student?

A large majority of our products are travel size, perfect for when you’re just popping home for the weekend or off to a festival. We also have a ‘DIY’ WonderWash where you can mix and match oils and scents, so if you’re quite prone to spots, mixing the base with tea tree oil – a great antiseptic, should have great results and calming lavender and peppermint scents are perfect to use when recovering from a classic student hangover.

That’s great, so it acts as a kind of DIY chemistry set! My mum has been using the Wondercream for the eczema on her hands and has said it’s instantly soothing, a definite winner in my books. What would you describe as your own personal favourite product from the range?

I think I’d have to go for the Wonderwash for its flexibility; I use it in the shower as both a shampoo and body wash but can also use it for tackling household chores when dilated with a spot of water. I’m also a big fan of the massage rollerballs when I need to indulge and de-stress. Thanks ever so much for coming to speak to us.

You can find out more information about the EllaPure range here.

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