The Best And The Worst of Character Creation Functions

Character creation is something that can be one of the most interesting parts of a game, and new release Fallout 4 has produced some great character designs seen on the internet. A lot of games have some great creation mechanics and allow for some really unique characters. There is nothing like playing an online game and seeing a huge variety of different characters and not hundreds of the same standard-issue guy with a blank expression.

Ark Survival Evolved on the PC is one of these games where character creation leads to some very unique character models. Before you spawn naked on a dinosaur infested island, you get to create your human. Despite this game being in early access, you do currently have many options with your character. You’re able to change everything from the neck length to hand size. As you can imagine you end up with some very funny looking characters. Short limbs, no neck with giant hands and head is a favourite look.

[su_spoiler title=”Fun fact!” style=”simple” icon=”chevron-circle” anchor=”End”]Character creation functions in games were first introduced in order to emulate Dungeons & Dragons, where a degree of choice involved in character creation lead to players having more empathy for the character.[/su_spoiler]

Survival games are great examples of character creation done well. First person shooters on the other hand are not. Destiny has really bad character creation. The options it gives you are so limited that every character pretty much looks the same in the end. It becomes quite pointless when every character is wearing armour most of the time so you can’t even see the differences. As you are only able to change the face of your character, any detail the differences are lost as soon as you put your helmet on.
One of the ways first person shooters do help you create a character is by choosing not the appearance but the actual functionality of the character. Choosing perks or armours in games like Call of Duty let you define a character in different ways to how they look

If you want a game that really gives you all the tools to create a truly unique character then you have to look at The Sims. The Sims has always had good options when it comes to creating a character, and Sims 4 gives you even more control. You’re able to drag almost any part of your character right down to the nostrils to produce the person you desire.
The best thing most about character creation is options. The more options the better. The more unique you can make my character the more time you’re going to spend on creating it. More games should have character creation, perhaps even every game, especially those that are online.


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