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The Best and Worst Star Wars Games

The Force Unleashed has been out for over a month now and you can bet the gaming industry will soon be flooded with new Star Wars games. Looking back at previous games from a galaxy far, far away it’s safe to say there are some real gems out there, but sometimes you have to pull through the garbage first. There are so many out there, but here are just a few of the best and the worst Star Wars games.

Starting with the bad side of things, we have The Force Unleashed One and Two. This bridges the gap between Episodes III and IV, following an unknown Jedi being trained by Darth Vader and tasked with helping him take down the Emperor to take control of the Empire. It wasn’t the worst game in the world but it certainly wasn’t great. Lacking in real depth, the story just seemed to run out of steam when it had the most potential and it came to an abrupt end. However, the Force Unleashed Two really brought the series down. The story was pretty much the same, reviving the original protagonist as a clone who immediately becomes extremely strong with the force and turns to the light. At one point he takes down a Star Destroyer using the force, which seems impressive, but is clearly placed in the game as a large set piece designed to impress you. The story is even shorter than the first and the whole game is rushed. It definitely goes down as one of the bad ones.

However, all is not lost. There are many great Star Wars games out there. If you are looking for a good strategy game then look no further than Empire at War. The ground battles aren’t always the best but this RTS (Real Time Strategy) had great space battles. The conquest mode is a lot of fun, especially when you can wield the power of the Death Star and just hop around the universe until every Rebel planet was destroyed.

Looking a back a bit further in time there’s Star Wars Starfighter. This is a great little flight sim in which you take on the role of a pilot defending Naboo from the Federation. It is really one of the better earlier flight sim Star Wars games and it even looked pretty good for its time.

Of course you can’t talk about good Star Wars games without mentioning the original Battlefront. This is arguably one of the best Star Wars games in recent times and can even be considered as a huge influencer in modern first person shooters. Battlefront was perfectly balanced as a first person shooter, the campaign was engaging and spanned across all six films. The class system, which has been adopted in later shooters, allowed for a variety of play styles and also kept that game interesting. Even when the story was completed and before online gaming was big on consoles, Battlefront continued to be entertaining.

There are many other great and terrible Star Wars games, but there’s not enough time to mention them all, and with the new trilogy well on its way, it’s likely that we will be seeing more soon.


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