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The Vaccines played to the LCR packed to the brim with eager fans on the 7th April after adding Norwich to their sold out UK tour. The band has recently released a handful of singles from their new album, English Graffiti, which is set to be released in May. Handsome, 20/20 and Dream Lover all went down well since frontman, Justin Young, never fails to write a catchy tune. The gig was kick-started by Teenage Icon and Wreckin’ Bar; it was obvious from the outset that this was going to be an energetic evening, and the usually subdued Norwich crowd were worked into a frenzy for old times’ sake. It wasn’t until the show was well under way that I finally understood what The Vaccines were aiming to do with their new material.

They explained to NME that they’re tired of attempting to write timeless material, and now, in what may seem to be a musical liberation, they write to sound like 2015. Especially since the media is saturated with conflicting promises of failing politicians at the moment, it was refreshing to spend an hour roaring along to pop songs about the trivial and frivolous, yet universal problems of young people which don’t involve the wonderful act that is twerking, etc. All In White and Post Break-Up Sex instantly took you back to whatever you were doing in 2011 and the gorgeous summer we had that year – the young crowd were allowed a temporal form of nostalgia and feel a little bit younger again for a short while. The encore saw an acoustic rendition of No Hope by Justin, completely captivating the audience in a spell of seduction, before racing straight into Wolf Pack, and ending the night with the golden oldie, Norgaad.

Prior to Tuesday, I unfairly brushed The Vaccines into the predictable “indie rock” margins of Spotify reserved mainly for Year Nines. However, I have since been coaxed by Young’s intelligent song writing tactics for live performance and cannot wait to indulge in their new album. Although an expensive gig (£20) and some arrogance within the band seems to be emerging, their shows sell out for a reason, and I was pleasantly surprised.


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