The best of Glossier (from a self-confessed Glossier obsessive)

When a rare 50% off Glossier discount was leaked a few weeks ago, social media went into a veritable meltdown. Friends feverishly passed the code around Whatsapp group chats; friends of friends retweeted it to their followers on Twitter. The code in question, aptly titled ‘friendsofglossier’, got you 50% off everything at checkout – unheard of for the make-up and skincare brand, who normally only offer a 20% discount on their iconic millennial-pink goods once a year, during the Black Friday sales. 

Those few, glorious hours before someone at Glossier clocked on to the glitch and caused the code to expire will go down in history as a morning that provided many lucky social media users with a much-needed serotonin boost during the difficult third lockdown. 

Though the code was indeed too good to be true, the promise of a pretty hefty discount provided many people with the opportunity to try products they were previously unsure about buying at full price. But for those who were too late to the ‘friendsofglossier’ party, here are some of the Glossier products truly worth splashing out for, or, alternatively, for putting on your wishlist for next time a discount spreads like wildfire on social media.

Glossier You

The brand’s perfume, named ‘you’ because it is said to smell slightly different on everybody, is truly worth every penny. I wear this every day without fail and have never received so many compliments from friends and strangers alike – everyone from my boyfriend to my boyfriend’s mum to my stepdad to my three cats seem to love it. It is light, fresh, warm, creamy, familiar and comforting, and crucially never overpowering. Glossier states “It’s not one of those perfumes you wear to become someone else. Mostly, it smells like you: soft, warm, familiar. We designed it to feel open-ended like it’ll grow with you no matter where you are in your personal evolution”. Plus for those of us who are suckers for packaging, the bottle is a dinky little pink affair that will look adorable on your dressing table. 

Cloud Paint

These cream blushes, available in 8 shades that will suit all skin tones, are described as “user friendly” owing to the “seamless, buildable texture”. In my experience this description rings true: they are bouncy, dewy and layer well over my base make-up in a way that other blushers just don’t. Unbelievably, all the shades work well on my frightfully pale skin tone because of the way they can be sheered out or built up depending on your desired look. The soft-focus effect made my skin look flawless even when I was suffering from particularly nasty hormonal breakouts, and never caked or looked heavy over the course of the day. ‘Storm’ a warm rose shade would look beautiful on both deeper skin tones and sheered out on porcelain complexions. The same goes for ‘Spark’, a bright poppy, and ‘Beam’, a soft peach. The highly pigmented nature of the product means a little goes a long way, so they’ll last you absolutely yonks. And, once again, who can deny the paint-tube-esque packaging is not ridiculously cute. 

The Pink Hoodie

Sure, it seems like a regular ol’ pink hoodie, but this baby has been my saviour over the last year, so much so that I had to purchase one for my boyfriend too to stop him from ‘borrowing’ mine (the Instagram account @boyfriendsofglossier suggests I am not the only one). Whilst other loungewear fades and begins to look grotty after a while, this hoodie has kept its colour and its shape. It’s pretty heavy, good quality fabric, and is truly oversized (their size Small fits me, a UK size 10 perfectly, as well as my 6 foot 3 boyfriend). 

Boy Brow 

This eyebrow pomade is a cult-favourite for a reason. A creamy wax available in a handful of natural shades, it fluffs up the brows and holds them in place without feeling crunchy, stiff or heavy. Like Cloud Paint, a little goes a long way, so a small tube will easily last you months on end. Their newest shade ‘Auburn’ is said to be perfect for redheads who struggle to find the right colour in a market saturated with various brown and blonde variations. The top review on the brand’s website states that it “literally stayed on through getting hit by a car” – if that is not praise enough, I don’t know what is. 

Balm Dotcom

Many will try and tell you this is ‘just a lip balm’ and that Vaseline will do just as good a job. And sure, it is just a lip balm, and nothing can truly top Vaseline. But if you want a fun lip balm, with uber-cute packaging, in delicious, and I mean, delicious, flavours, Balm Dotcom is your friend. I am obsessed with ‘Birthday Cake’, a subtle shimmer with a cake flavour that isn’t too overpowering and always makes my boyfriend ask ‘Why can I smell chocolate?’. The rich texture lasts a long time and soothes dry lips, and whilst they are just high-class lip balms, they bring a bit of joy to my handbag and bedside table. 

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