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The Bitter-sweet reality of a covid graduation

I’m about to graduate at the end of April and I’m absolutely gutted. I feel like Covid stole so much of my uni experience and am still angry about that, and just not ready to move onto the big wide world. How do I prepare myself to leave uni?

Pepper, 22

Hello Pepper! Your message hits very close to home. While my Uni experience wasn’t anywhere near as disrupted by Covid as it was for some of my friends, I definitely felt the impact of it. When I got the email announcing that my graduation was cancelled, I surprised myself with how upset I was. What’s truly important to you is made very clear when it starts getting taken away!

Your anger is entirely justified, but it’s a difficult one to deal with as there is no one person to be angry towards. Make sure you channel it in a healthy way and get it out of your system so that it doesn’t bounce around inside you, making you feel horrible.

There is no step by step guide for preparing to leave University, but here are some things that could help you to feel a bit more optimistic about the whole thing.

  1. Write down things you will and won’t miss about Uni

It might seem slightly counterintuitive to count up the things you will miss, but the goal of this exercise isn’t to pretend that you’re not sad about this chapter of your life ending– you are completely entitled to be, and that shouldn’t be pushed to the side. The aim of doing this is to reveal to you that there is always a balance in these things. Every experience will have positives and negatives, but sometimes we can idolise things and only see the positives. By being realistic about both sides of the coin, you’ll hopefully feel like you can view the whole thing with a bit more clarity.

  1. Talk to friends in similar positions

A problem shared is a problem halved. It’s not even enough to say you’re not going through this alone– you’re going through the exact same thing as thousands of other people across the country. Your friends are most likely feeling shades of the same thing. Chat to them about those fears and anxieties and you’ll make yourself and your pals feel heaps better.

  1. Create things to look forward to

Uni ending is always going to be a sad time but it also means lots more opportunity to go for trips, visit friends, or just get some good proper rest. Make some plans for the end of the semester that will keep your mind active and not thinking too much about what you’ve left behind and instead on all of the excitement that is to come.

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