Amidst the soak of roars and rain
A sodden jackdaw falls, brings
The weight of dampened feathers down
To ink the bend of a coaster.

Underneath, the children lean 
Against a painted bearing pole
With sugar lumps like poppyseeds 
All scattered on their chests. 

An hour they have waited just to touch the crackled air
That’s blasted back from carriages and shattered on its seats.
They watched the clouded skies to catch each carriage hurtling on
Towards the sallow jackdaw bending, pecking nearby leaves.
The horror of the children’s screams was lost in joyful shrieks
When the instant came, the instant went, and with it went the bird.

The undertaker thundered on.
The birdless guts were washed away,
Each pat of red now pats of pink,
To drip against the concrete’s grey.

As if the bird had simply flown, the idle boys climb up to ride 
And press their chests in harnesses to scream, and scream, and scream and ride
Against the storm in which the jackdaw ate.