The Crown: Anticipation for Season Four

I first stumbled across ‘The Crown’ in late 2016. Now, I’m going to be honest with you, initially I wasn’t really fussed about watching the show upon its release. However, 16-year-old Niamh was madly in love with one of the show’s main stars, Matt Smith. So, on a whim, I gave it a go and I was so surprised to find I couldn’t get enough of it and had finished the season within days. 

‘The Crown’ is a drama somewhat in a league of its own, being one of the most expensive shows ever produced. The grandeur of the show works as a sharp juxtaposition to the intensely intimate and personal stories that you find deep within the narrative.

What also makes ‘The Crown’ a joy to watch is its clear focus to humanise our royal family. The show takes time to ensure we see them telling jokes, bickering, and enjoying life – a stark leap from the small waves and polite smiles we have grown accustomed to when we think of the royal family.  What also works well for ‘The Crown’ is its structure. Each season of the show spans a decade of the Queens reign. After two seasons, the actors are replaced in order to physically match the ages of the characters. 

The fourth and newest season of the show is perhaps the shows most anticipated yet. Releasing this November, the drama will most definitely be ramped up with the introduction of two famous ladies to the show’s catalogue: Margaret Thatcher and Lady Diana Spencer. Knowing the history that surrounds these women makes for perhaps one of the juiciest seasons of the show yet. 

So, bring on November, I cannot wait to see how Oliva Coleman’s Elizabeth reacts to these new figures in her life, I imagine it is something not to be missed. 


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