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The fool of autumn

A symbiotic melody of two life forces,
intertwined by the product of love.
Though you were small, you were mighty.
We buckled under your grandness, for who and what, could fill the cavities you left at your wake?

You were the vision of elegance, time kept it autumn.
The illusion of an evergreen fa├žade evaded us all in the end.

Resting on your back, I counted your rings of life and willed for more.
You weakened yourself by gifting others with oxygen.
The tendrils that you had deeply rooted within me are nothing but a decaying mass, as everything suffocates in your absence.

The stillness was haunting.
If I noticed the fruiting body of the fungus, perhaps I could have made a deal with the rain.

Callus and thawed. What had time done to you?
If time could spare a second, perhaps he would have realised the magnitude of his actions.
How he discarded a pure vessel who had endured agonising blisters and the frozen pangs of the wind, with restricting cells that no longer live.

You nurtured saplings like me, and your vitality inspired me to unfurl.
Life pressured me to witness a once great force, stripped bare by an all consuming parasitic disease.

You promised me you would remain evergreen, but all I saw was a human.


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