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The Head-Turning Looks at Coachella 2022

Recently, the highly-anticipated Coachella took place, a festival which we Brits associate with glitz and glamour – the opposite of what we are used to. Coachella is predominantly known for its impressive line-up which, this year, consisted of Harry Styles and Billie Eilish – even Swedish House Mafia popped in to say hi. The event is also famous for its fashion, with Mr. Styles’ Hannah Montana-esque jumpsuit being one of this year’s highlights.

After being postponed during the pandemic, those attending this year’s festival did not refrain from flooding Instagram with their outfits. Since Coachella is held in a desert, the boho-chic style has dominated these past few years. But, this year, “Y2K” (the year 2000) fashion has taken over the bohemian aesthetic’s legacy. Since the rise in social media influencers, it seems that the festival has resulted in a complete turnaround fashion-wise. However, there was no lack of cowboy attire this year, with cowboy boots and fringe being all the rave – although seemingly outshined by the pool of neon and low-waisted denim skirts.

There were some notable looks that were a concoction of boho and early 2000s. One being the queen of Coachella, Vanessa Hudgens, who is arguably one of the best dressed at the festival every year. Some of Coachella’s most frequent guests like Poppy Delevigne and Alessandra Ambrosio sported bohemian galore, yet some of the most memorable looks were from the performers. Not only was Doja Cat’s performance phenomenal, but her astounding outfit changes and Conan Gray’s custom Valentino hot-pink outfit were like a dream.

Over the past few years, there has been controversy surrounding how much pop culture events have changed amidst the rise of influencers. There were a few that crushed their looks for Coachella. TikToker and model Maddie White did not hold back when it came to being a sparkling diamond… quite literally. Euphoria’s influence was not lacking with the considerable amount of rhinestones on show, as well as the show’s Sydney Sweeney bringing out her inner ‘country music star’ with a simple white mini-dress and cowboy boots. One influencer experienced some internet trolling for his outfit choices over the weekend, with some people comparing his final Coachella look to a weather warning alert – that was, of course, James Charles.

Overall, there seemed to be a very different vibe at Coachella this year. Has Coachella truly lost its edge and flare as people say?

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