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The horrifying story of New Mutants

For the past 20 years, live action X-men films have graced the silver screen. Some good, some bad, we have grown accustomed as to what to expect. But in 2017, a film came along that broke the mould, Logan, a gritty western grounded in realism. This genre bending break in tradition did wonders at the box office and was renowned by critics.  It taught studios that overly complex plots and CGI are not the only ways to make money in the superhero genre, Logan taught them that audiences want something new.

And new they got. In 2017, 21st Century Fox announced its second genre bending addition to the X-men universe, a horror called “New Mutants”. We were first given a trailer for the film in October 2017 with a release date in April 2018. 

Now, I’m sure you are all sat there scratching your chin, as we are now over halfway through 2020 and you have yet to see the film and to further add to the confusion, a new teaser trailer for the film was released last week.  New Mutants has fallen victim to an obscene amount of studio meddling and with Fox being acquired by Disney halfway through this mess it feels as though the film is somewhat cursed. I have watched all the trailers that have been released over the past three years and what I’ve noticed so far is that the film feels more and more ‘generic’ with each new trailer. The first teaser trailer hinted at a truly haunting indie film that focused on how each of these young mutants navigates the horrors of their setting.  The most recent teaser trailer was released at the virtual comic con last week and teases a film that, whilst containing the same faces, feels like a completely different film. Whilst scarier than your typical marvel trailer, the heavy editing, CGI and a focus on action feels worryingly reminiscent of the cinematic universe we have all grown accustomed to.. 

New Mutants is now set to be released on 28th August and let’s hope this time we finally get to see it. I’m interested to see how the film holds up. Will the countless reshoots result in a good film or an incoherent, tonal mess? Only time will tell. But I look forward to finally seeing the film that has been in the back of my mind for years, and finally answering the question; can superhorror work? 

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