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The Impact of Covid-19 on the Gaming Industry

Covid-19 has had some devastating effects on businesses all around the world, but the gaming industry has not suffered as much as it has boomed. 

Though we’ve seen delays in games, like Cyberpunk 2077, and cancelled competitions, we’ve also seen the gaming industry adapt with the changing times and still continue to thrive. 

While the world was shutting down in March when lockdown hit, Animal Crossing sales went through the roof with over 11.77 million units being sold by March 3rd, and a total of 13.41 million units after six weeks on sale. This makes it one of the highest grossing openings for a Nintendo Switch release.  The impact of Covid-19 left many people at home, bored, and looking for a world to escape to. Animal Crossing provided just that and was just what many people needed. 

Esports have adapted to being solely online: cancelling in-person events to create online streams of midseason events, or adapting broadcasting styles. There is more of a demand than ever for these streams, which is forcing the gaming industry to evolve during the pandemic.

Even physical board games sales have gone up: with people stuck at home, there has been a greater emphasis on family time or house bonding to pass the time. During the heights of the first lockdown, I remember it being impossible to buy board games, as they were all sold out. Now going into this second lockdown, my house has prepared itself with making sure we have plenty of games to keep us busy. 

With games like Among Us now taking over in this second lockdown, it is safe to say that there is more of a demand than ever for games to continue, and though Covid-19 has hit the gaming industry hard, it has bounced back and come out even stronger. 


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