The Justice League – 2015 preview

In a deleted scene from Pulp Fiction, Mia Wallace proposes that you’re either an Elvis fan or a Beatles fan. You can like both but you will always prefer one.

In the comic book world, you’re a Marvel fan or a DC fan, never quite both equally. They produce some of the biggest superhero lines to date: Marvel created Spider-Man, The X-Men and The Avengers. DC were the brains behind Batman, Superman and The Justice League.

In recent years, the film industry really cottoned on to how much money could be reaped from the comic book industry and, as a result, Marvel did something very clever. By creating their own film studio and producing films based on their intellectual property themselves, they could essentially set up a cinematic universe.

Suddenly, Iron Man popping up in The Incredible Hulk wasn’t mere Easter egg fodder for the DVD crowd, it was sequel set-up.

Eventually, after careful plotting on Marvel’s part and a lot of waiting on ours, they were able to release one of the first ever superhero team-ups: Avengers Assemble. Now, all of a sudden, DC and their producing partner Warner Brothers have announced their very own superhero team-up film for 2015, The Justice League.

What was it that so grabbed DC’s attention? Was it The Avengers’ witty, quirky script, courtesy of Joss Whedon? Was it the grand planning that went into the whole venture? Or was it that the film made just over one and a half billion dollars world-wide? I guess we’ll never know.

But, plowing forward with a Justice League film right off the bat introduces a few problems that Marvel carefully avoided. There has already been a bit of a canon when it comes to DC/Warner films, the original Superman films are some of the most highly regarded of the genre and very few can deny the quality of Chris Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy.

Nolan has already confirmed that we won’t be seeing his Batman in any Justice League film, which means Warner must reboot the character once again and within just two years of this year’s Dark Knight Rises. A new Superman is on his way in Man Of Steel, courtesy of Zach Snyder, a reboot of the 2006‘s pretty-bad-but-not-quite-as-bad-as-everyone-says Superman Returns.

Last year, Green Lantern was released, surely so he could be brought into a Justice League film? Well, no. No one saw the film and those who did asked for their money back, so it looks as though he will have to be rebooted as well; all so they can have a crack at what Marvel has done so successfully.

DC/Warner’s strength has always been in their solo hero efforts. Their partnership has brought us real classics; the first two Superman films alone earn them a place among the giants, long before the Tim Burton Batman films or the contemporary Chris Nolan series.

However, they insist on trying to out do their opposite number. Perhaps they’re just a tad jealous of a one and a half billion worldwide gross. Perhaps they need a new cash-cow franchise now that Harry Potter is over.

Here’s to 2015 and what appears to be an entirely rushed and illogical misstep from DC and Warner Brothers.


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