The New Normal – review

As far as marketing goes, The New Normal has been billed as almost ground breaking. Indeed, the show’s proclamation that “abnormal is the new normal” in parenting is in fact an interesting one in terms of social change that I’m sure an academic could talk about much more in depth than I ever could.


But what is so ground breaking about The New Normal? The story revolves around two gay men who decided to have a child, the woman who acts as a surrogate, and her grandmother and daughter.

Having the lead characters in a show be a gay couple is a bold choice, and an important one in the on going struggle for acceptance of gay parenting in the general public, but it is important to remember that this is not in fact the first show to do so (Modern Family comes to mind).

The important question is whether the show is actually any good. It is.

Quick camera movements and a fast pace ensure that The New Normal has a very modern feel to it complementing the lack of studio audience or canned laughter. Asides to the camera from random extras give the show a quirky feel and the humour is reminiscent of New Girl.

Indeed, there’s no edgy humour here, but it’s not bland either. In all The New Normal is a rather funny and unusually sweet sitcom that I am looking forward to seeing more of.

The New Normal airs 9pm on Thursdays on E4.


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