The power of pink

Trump’s inauguration has affected millions of people, and mostly not in a good way. It is hard when things like this happen that really just make you think, damn, is there any good in this world? Then thousands and thousands of people of all genders and ages march to show that no, we’re not ok with this and we’re not going to let this defeat us. Why is she going on about this in the fashion section I hear you ask? Well in this sea of optimistic anti-Trump wondrous people there was a blanket of pink.

Colours can hold an incredible amount of emotional weight, black at funerals, colours in the summer, and pink has been one colour that seems to be the focus of a lot of gendered arguments over the years. Having done about 3000 modules on gender theory I wasn’t sure whether to write this as it may drift its way into an essay at any point, but I believe it’s something important and particularly relevant this week. Pink seems to be a colour that used to be seen as ‘girly’ aka ‘weak’. There was a correlation between pink and princesses; pink was all about the feminine and the female gender and never it seemed, in a positive way. Now we see millions of protesters around the world marching with their coordinated pink hats, pink clothes, banners and so on.

So what does pink mean now? Well, I don’t know. But I think the amount of power and subversion one colour can bring to a political movement is fascinating. It seems to say yes I’m girly, yes I’m feminine but that isn’t a synonym for weak and we are here to show you that in heels and pink hats we will stand against hate. But then there seems to be a conflict here as the middle class white women who are able to say yes I can be sexual, wearing pink, wearing make-up and still be strong. This is not a privilege extended to everyone. This ability to wear pink, march through the streets and be empowered and honestly to have fun at the same time is something I think a lot of us take for granted.

It’s important when you get into the arguments of white feminism, privilege and whether wearing pink is helping or discouraging the problem, to remember who the real enemy is. It’s not each other, and different streams of feminism in society, it’s the orange faced, toupee wearing racist man who just became president of the United States, and anyone who believes hate will always be more important than love.


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May 2022
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