The Rising It-Girls of Euphoria

A Gen-Z sensation, HBO’s American teen-drama series Euphoria has not only become an instant television success since the first season’s release in 2019, but returning for its second season this January, is now one of the most inspirational series for fashion searches around the globe. Following a messy friendship group with a graphic storyline, Euphoria explores the emotional trauma current teenagers face as they navigate high school. With the show’s bold character styling and iconic wardrobe design, Euphoria has made an even bigger impact on the fashion world.

We owe our thanks to Euphoria’s head stylist and costume designer Heidi Bivens. Conveying each character’s emotional development and continually shifting identities, Bivens is both a selective stylist and fashion risk-taker as she curates each character’s wardrobe to depict their visual identity. From cut-out flares, safety-pinned crop tops, pastel tracksuits, and vintage low-rise jeans, to spaghetti strap stripper dresses, mesh tops, corsets, lace-up boots, and croc bags, designing costumes from scratch and dressing characters in the latest fashion brands – Bivens has revitalised the fashion game for Gen Z-ers.

Whilst season one of Euphoria is known for its glitter, purple-blue hues, and tones of black and gold to represent the dark and the light within the storyline, season two has arrived refined and polished – illustrating how each character has grown into their stylised personas. From Maddy’s daring outfits and Kat’s body-positive transformation, to Jules’s fashion journey and Cassie’s efforts to dress to impress, Euphoria introduces an interesting aesthetic overtone on teenage life. Although season one introduced us to bold colours, glitter shadowed eyes, wet-look lids, face jewels, and Maddy’s incredible winged eyeliner, season two has stepped up the show’s fashion game.

As Euphoria’s shining light, the pop-of-colour in the darkness, Jules’ style previously consisted of pixie-dream-girl layered ensembles and glitter-glam embellishments. This season, Jules has shifted from her hyper-feminine aesthetic, instead leaning into a darker, edgier version of herself. Opting for laid-back looks, Rue has mixed vintage with classic, sporting a reliable pair of Chuck 70 black Converse. Meanwhile, Kat’s wardrobe bursts with vibrant prints, emphasising her body-positive transformation – a favourite look from this season being Kat’s love-heart tie-dye skirt, paired with a graphic print-tee and an olive-green mini cardigan. The look is completed with turquoise eye shadow and a dark red lip. 

Switching up her feminine style to steal Nate Jacobs, appearance-obsessed Cassie has also undergone a transformation this season through her many costume changes, from her Dolly Parton-esque, Oklahoma-inspired look to the attention-grabbing pink bikini she wears at Maddy’s birthday. Cassie even copies Maddy’s signature high ponytail, styled baby hairs, winged eyeliner, and prominent lip line, in her baby blue two-piece matching Maddy’s lavender set in an awkward hallway encounter. But can we really blame Cassie for being influenced by Maddy’s major trendsetting powers? Cementing her position as the most influential fashion icon in the show (she only brings her clutch purse to school), Maddy’s New Year’s Eve outfit is a memorable one. Her daring cut-out black mini dress paired with long sleeve gloves, lace-up heels, and an immaculate updo, gave us major ‘Scary Spice meets Posh Spice’ vibes earlier this season.

Overflowing with style trends, fashion’s influence can be found in even the most unexpected moments of Euphoria’s second season. From the premiere episode that introduces the ultimate girl-boss and 70s it-girl – Fez’s grandmother – sporting a custom-made bright blue power-suit, to Maddy’s boss’s lavish wardrobe of vintage gowns which she secretly plays dress-up in, Euphoria would not be such a success without its fashionable, rising it-girls.

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