The social legacy of Steve Jobs

The death of Steve Jobs, co-founder and technological innovator of Apple, sent shockwaves through the world and promoted a torrent of grief this week, illustrating his overwhelming influence.

A college-dropout at the tender age of 20, he conceived his modest vision of Apple in his parent’s garage, later transforming it into an international economic power, albeit with a chequered history. The introduction of the Apple II, the first commercially successful personal computer, was the first step towards the wider dream he envisioned.

After two years as an interim CEO at Apple, he officially assumed the helm, which marked the beginning of a technological revolution. In 2001, the launch of the iPod revolutionised the MP3 player market, as well as the music industry with the introduction of the software platform iTunes. Since then, Apple has progressed further with the addition of products like the iPhone and the iPad to its wide portfolio and has achieved remarkable sales.

Steve Jobs taught us it was okay to fail, and okay to have faith in your instincts – true entrepreneurial spirit. The controversy surrounding his stance as a self-proclaimed dictator who adhered to an intuitive leadership style was largely offset by the continuing success of Apple. This faith ensured that his next dream could become reality, and as a result he has influenced our way of thinking about not only technology, but the way we live our lives.

Despite health complications, his insistence on presenting key product launches demonstrated his commitment to his personal vision. This example is one of many selfless endeavours that have affirmed Steve Jobs as a figure devoted to utilising his boundless energy and creative genius to change the world, over and over again. His captivating speeches inspired a generation to push the boundaries and find creative solutions to refine existing products. In this way, he did not just revolutionise the technological market, he refined our way of approaching technology within the modern world.

Love or hate Apple, Steve Jobs’ influence, passion and commitment are irrefutable, and his pioneering designs will likely shape our technological future for a long time to come.


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May 2022
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