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The Story Behind The Status

Beer cans litter the room. Empty pizza boxes are on the table. Sofa cushions are in disarray. To the naked eye, this is a standard “morning after the night before” in a student house, but in fact it’s the set of episode two of UEA:TV’s new self-produced sitcom Story Behind the Status.

After being revived at the start of this year, UEA:TV has recruited some new creative minds, from which Story Behind the Status has come. Co-Heads of Comedy Sam Richards and Libby Masters joined forces and together their comedy genius has created a 6-part show based around four friends at the fictional Horsewick University and their antics after they move into their second year house. However, as you can guess from the title, it’s more than just a show: each character has their own Facebook profile, and each episode will revolve around what happened to provoke the characters latest statuses.  Their pages will be constantly updated, not only by the writers but by the cast, as they live out the online lives of their adopted characters. Crewed by volunteers from the society and with a student cast collated from open auditions, filming for the first episode recently concluded, beginning the gruelling task of editing, and resisting the temptation to spend all day watching outtakes.

Nevertheless, later episodes are being written and filming has already begun on episode two;.Of the future, co-writer Sam Richards said, “as much as I love these characters, it won’t be an easy road for them.” Only time will tell what’s in store for the characters in upcoming weeks, so keep an eye on UEA:TV for details of when the first episode will be released. Get ready to laugh your socks off! Unless you like your socks, in which case, we suggest you fasten them down, or wear shoes.

Starring: Sophie North, Hayley Hammond, Tom Castle and Tom Ritchie.

Watch the first episode of Story Behind The Status:



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