The ultimate guide for student travellers

If it’s your first time travelling, it can be a bit daunting to start with. Getting off the plane into sometimes a completely alien environment, whether it be the hustle and bustle of streets in Bangkok or Phnom Penh, the noise from all the traffic around Addis Ababa, or even just sheer task of trying to find your way from the airport in Berlin to a hotel or hostel. Once you get past these trials, you are on your way to an experience of a lifetime. If you are struggling still after this period, here’s a few tips to help you adapt comfortably to your new environment.

1) Try all the food
Try eating absolutely everything that you can eat when you travel. Especially as a student, being adventurous with your palate is usually the cheapest way to get a meal. Buying snack bits from a street market is always going to be cheaper than fast food or restaurant food. Items such as fried chicken, curries or if you’re feeling particularly daring, deep fried grasshoppers will always be available in the different street markets across the world for low prices. Plus it will allow you to gain more of an experience of the local culture.

2) Keep a diary
Keeping a diary is the best way to document your travels, especially if internet isn’t available to write a blog. It’s also a perfect place to keep tickets that you want to hold onto for a scrapbook when you get home. Your diary is your one constant reminder of everything that happened on your travels, and is perfect for looking at years after your travels to remember the little things that you forgot.

3) Make friends with people in your dorm
Doing things in a larger group can be fun, whether it’s going down to the market to get dinner together, going for a night out to the wide variety of pubs, clubs and bars in traveller hotspots or even just to chill out and swap stories for inspiration at the end of a long day of wandering around temples, castles or side streets. Making friends also helps with safety as there are more people to watch out for you and to make sure nothing happens to your bag or pockets when you’re not paying attention.

4) Take a travel guide book
The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. This is true when applying it to travelling. The travel guide will allow you to plan back up trips in case your plans fall apart. These guides combined with ideas from fellow travellers will benefit your travels greatly and also give you insights into the various places that you visit. Plus it’s a great device for hitting massive mosquitos that bother you during the night.

5) Relax and love life
The worst things when travelling happen when your attention is not 100%. Arguments with people that you’re travelling with for the next few weeks can hamper plans and lead to unpleasant rifts. At the end of the day, you’re travelling to get away from studies, work and monotony, so enjoy your break and have an alert but relaxed attitude when travelling. It is an experience of a lifetime after all.


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nickbrown Having spent a year living, working and travelling around South East Asia and a summer working in South Africa, Nick has definitely caught the travel bug. When he has his feet temporarily fixed to the ground he’s juggling a Biology degree, various sports and planning his next big trip overseas, usually with a tan in mind or a place where his mediocre dancing skills don’t matter.

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