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Theresa May visits Norwich on last day of campaigning

With less than 24 hours before voters will enter polling booths across the country, Prime Minister Theresa May has drawn her electoral campaign to a close in Norwich.

The leader of the Conservative Party attended The Space in Sprowston accompanied by Chloe Smith and Lana Hempsall, the respective Conservative candidates for Norwich North and Norwich South.

The Prime Minister met local Tory activists and took questions from journalists about Brexit and security measures following the recent terror attacks in Manchester and London. She reiterated her opposition to a “coalition of chaos” and stated that the Conservative party will ensure stability over the next five years.

Speaking to Mustard TV, Mrs May said she “never predicts election results”, but prefers to focus on meeting voters. She claimed that “We need to have a prime minister and a government that has a clear plan for Brexit negotiations, but also has a vision for the future.”

“I have that. The Conservative party in government will have that.”

Mrs May’s visit was part of a marathon final day of campaigning which started this morning in London and will end in the Midlands.

However, her trip was not without opposition. At a meat market in London the Conservative Party leader was booed and heckled at, and in Norwich a van criticising Theresa May awaited her arrival.

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