This artwork epitomises summer: Serena Hall’s work

For me, any Serena Hall coastal landscape screams summer. Her excessive use of bold, primary colours perfectly encapsulates the warmth and contentment of summer. 

Hall is a Suffolk-based artist, who resides in the picturesque seaside town of Southwold. Often the inspiration behind her work, Southwold is known for its long stretch of sandy beach and a white lighthouse that tends to feature in many of Hall’s pieces. 

Her style is incredibly unique and refreshing to the human eye, and effortlessly evokes a sense of happiness and serenity for any observer. 

In many cases an artist’s use of block, shaped colour reflects a potential darkness to the piece. Whereas, with Serena Hall, her signature geometric style incites a feeling of playfulness. 

Hall’s acknowledgement to identifying abstract hues in the natural environment makes her work especially distinctive. For example, she uses harsh strokes of pink and orange in her seascapes, overtly recognising the reflection of a sunset in the stillness of water. Hall’s perception of colour in the territory around her is impressive, which almost assigns her work sentience.

Hall’s work makes me think of long summer evenings, during which hours seem to stretch out so much that eight o’ clock at night could easily be four in the afternoon. The way she renders beaches suggests an infinite extension of sand that leads to a golden and pink sunset: the kind you only get in the summer season. 
The reason I warm to her work so much is because my mum is an admirer of hers. It adds a personal connection, as we would often visit Hall’s Southwold gallery, gazing at the explosion of colour writhing on the gallery’s white walls. I would definitely recommend a visit on a Southwold summer evening.

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