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Hello lovely people of UEA, I hope your week eight is going well. 

I had a revelation about a week ago that I often do not choose an easy route for myself. What I mean by this is my prolific sense of taking on too much but also in my personal life too.

It was sort of a hard realisation because it raises a lot of “what ifs?” and speculation about what would and could be different.

Maybe it’s part of my personality? I’m a Leo if that means anything. 

Now it would be very typical of me after having gone: “God what am I doing” to proceed continuing exactly what I was doing previously. And in absolute honesty in terms of extracurricular activities that benefit my CV, I don’t see my attitudes changing. But for my personal life and extracurricular activities I do that are intended to be “fun” I do.

For the first time ever, I’m trying to see myself as my main competitor. 

My parents have always said to me “Just try and do your best” and in honesty in terms of exams, which are quantifiable across the whole nation, I didn’t really get it – I needed to get the grades, I needed to make my best a certain grade. 

But now as I enjoy my last year of university, my last year of university extracurricular hobbies and as I start to look for graduate opportunities, “just try and do your best” has a different, healthier meaning. It means enjoy what you’re doing, and if you face challenges, push yourself for yourself. 

Eat your vegetables and drink your water. See you in January.

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