The Thursford Christmas Spectacular

This year is the second time I’ve been to the Thursford Christmas Spectacular and it was just as amazing as the first time. When my grandparents asked me if I wanted to go, it was back during the summer as tickets sell out rapidly. Thursford is only an hour away from Norwich; we got there in 50 minutes. We arrived there an hour before the show so we could have a walk around the location before taking our seats. While walking from the car park, we passed by lines of coaches which explained the 1,400 audience members. While walking around outside, I saw that the event really lives up to their name with decorations and fairy lights everywhere – in trees and casted into the shape of deers.

Located in The Thursford Collection Museum, besides the Spectacular show, you can also see a collection of steam engines, organs and fairground attractions that was founded by Thursford local, George Cushing. The amount of effort and detail put into the collection and show is so impressive. There is something for visitors of all ages which is why it’s so popular. I felt a bit out of place at the show because I swear I was the only Asian person there and it’s mostly either grandparents or young children, although I did spot the occasional teenager. Regardless of this, the atmosphere at the show was great, everyone was very nice and merry.

The show itself was absolutely amazing. The range of music was extensive from a violin instrumental of Coldplay’s ‘Viva La Vida’ to Christmas carols. The singers were top-notch and extremely professional. The dancers were so versatile, in one night I witnessed ballet, Irish step dancing, the can-can, and more. In addition, the orchestra was just as amazing and their organ player has now been part of the show for over ten years. Every year, the show strives to add something new and this year it was a performer from Spain who could twirl and juggle a guitar with her feet while lying upside down on a chair. I was gobsmacked. During the three hour show, we were graced with a mix of singing, dancing, music, talent acts, and a commentary by comedian Paul Eastwood. However, my favourite part of the show was when white doves were released and flew across the stage to a post but one dove didn’t get the memo and stopped halfway.

Although the tickets are a bit pricey (£45 per person), I think it’s completely worth it because the show is absolutely stunning and spectacularly directed. If you’re looking for a nice day out, you’d better book your tickets as soon as they become available!

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