UEA’s ladies first division volleyball team played in a BUCS match against Coventry university, in a neck-and-neck game that left spectators eagerly anticipating the players’ every move. Coventry University battled against UEA for five sets.

The President of Volleyball, Harry Sandford said: “The girls have done very well this season, especially with four new players, who have such talent”. He also said that Gaia Bertazzon is the best libero I’ve seen in a while as she is always in the right place at the right time and is also very fast. After a very tight first set, UEA were triumphant and managed to win the first set off Coventry 25-21.

However, the second set proved to be more challenging, with Coventry grabbing the set 25-18. Whilst both teams were drawing, UEA decided to use Victoria Ogonkova to set up the point, with her consistent and strong passes.

Harry Sandford spoke about the progression of the game against Coventry and said: “We would have had more options with Charlotte here, but she is on placement. Due to Joanna’s specialist position and our strongest player’s absence, Joanna is not allowed to play back court, where she usually plays”.

Coventry appeared to have the advantage as one of UEA’s key players, Charlotte, was missing. Therefore, Coventry were able to take the third set 25-19. Despite Coventry’s victory in the third set, this encouraged UEA to step up their game and return with a fighting spirit.

At the timeout period, UEA decided to put on their Captain, Joanna Pasourakou from the outside position to serve the first ball. As a result of this carefully planned decision, Joanna won multiple points with her powerful winning shots. Thus, UEA nabbed the fourth set 25-21.

At two sets all, Coventry and UEA were head-to-head in the final set and battled the last fifteen points out. With a matter of only five points in the final set, Coventry only just won 15-10. In spite of a gruelling and competitive BUCS match, the ladies were pleased at their efforts against a team that are currently ranked as number one in the league.