Is it time to exit Brexit?

1 year and 4 months post the referendum we find public support for Brexit at its lowest since the referendum. A YouGov poll found that just 42% of voters now think it was right to vote to leave, and 14% of those who did vote leave are now either saying they made the wrong decision on voting day or are unsure.

Meanwhile faith in the negotiations is pitiful with just 21% of people saying the talks are going well and just 23% of people thinking Brexit will be good for our economy. Most recently famers are disheartened by the talks after cabinet minister Chris Grayling made completely unresearched remarks that the UK could just grow more food to keep prices down post Brexit. Do we actually know how many MPs are actually supportive of it and not just going along with it because ‘the people have spoken’ or to tow the party line?

With everything falling apart and the debate still up as to whether MPs should get a vote on the final deal, I wonder whether it’s time to give up on this mess and call a day on Brexit.  It’s not like our Prime Minister has actually said what she hopes to get out of the deal aside from a few catchy but meaningless slogans – ‘Brexit means Brexit’ and ‘no deal is better than a bad deal’ ?!? She has recently been advised to threaten to walk out of negotiations all together which begs the question are she and her team even fit for this job?

With no settlement on how much we owe (or rather will pay) the EU, citizens’ rights and the Irish border it seems we will never get past the divorce and into who gets to keep the house. Will we ever get to other important items like business and trade deals? Perhaps we are better giving up on the whole thing and going back to where we were before- if the EU would even take us back.

But we are where we are, we did (sort of) vote for this and unfortunately have triggered that all important article 50; so maybe at this point it’s more productive to support our somewhat shambolic Government. Perhaps things would go smoother and less disastrously if the media was less critical, there was a bit more unity and some real political opposition – we can’t have just 12 liberal democrat seats representing 48% of the population. It would be helpful if The Labour Party could pick a side and stick to it because is anyone really sure what our Official Opposition is really standing for? Oh and some investment in a few experts, you know those people Boris Johnson (our foreign secretary) was so rude about during the campaigning period but who actually know what they are talking about. I just hope the negotiations actually complete and at the end of the two years we are not left out in the cold with Mays ‘no deal’.


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June 2022
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