Timeline of LGBT+ achievements in the last 100 years:

1924: The Society for Human Rights was created by Henry Gerber. It was the first documented organisation for gay rights, however it only lasted a few months due to the arrest of several members. It has been referred to as the predecessor to the modern gay liberation movement and inspired the foundation of the Mattachine Society; one of the earliest LGBT organisations in the US.

1952: Christine Jorgensen was the first trans woman to have reassignment surgery. She became a celebrity after a story was published on the front page of the New York Daily News and used her platform to advocate for transgender people and rights. She toured around America and performed in nightclubs. Before her death, she was a leading figure campaigning for the LGBTQ community. She said: ‘We didn’t start the sexual revolution, but I think we gave it a good kick in the pants!’

1970: A year after the Stonewall riots, the first uprising of the LGBT community against police violence in New York, the first Gay Pride parade took place. It was called Christopher Street Liberation Day due to the location of both the parade and the riots. By the time the march ended, it had gained several thousands of people.

1978: Gilbert Baker designs and produces the first rainbow flag. With the help of Harvey Milk, amongst others, he wanted to create a symbol for the growing gay liberation movement. The flag, initially, had eight colours, including hot pink and turquoise. The first two flags were hand-dyed and stitched by Baker and volunteers on the top-floor of the Gay Community Centre in San Francisco.

2001: The first two legal same sex marriages took place in Canada in January. However, the Netherlands became the first country to legalise same-sex marriage. Two men were married in Amsterdam, in the first month after the legalisation.

2017: Australia became the 26th country to legalise same-sex marriage, followed by Germany, Malta, Bermuda and Finland.

2019: Austria ruled that same-sex couples could marry.

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