Tips on staying creative when life gets hectic

Christmas.  The most beautiful time of the year, the time where families get together and reconnect.  But for the creative ones among us, this season can be hell on earth.  Everyone is competing for your attention and your company in a manner which can only be described as akin to the Hunger Games.  To ensure you become the victor of the battle royale with your family this holiday season, Concrete Arts has compiled some awesome tips on how to keep your creative juices flowing strong.

Notebooks are key

Purchasing and carrying around one of those little pocket sized notebooks like a comfort blanket, as well as some sort of writing implement, allows you to make fantastic use of those odd five minutes you can steal.  Whether it’s merely slamming out a haiku, a quick doodle, or a brief character outline in front of another tedious Christmas special, keeping a pen and paper to hand will let you capture these little creative treasures.

Find inspiration online

Browsing is my number one method for defeating writer’s block.  It’s like Wikipedia but for every recurrent literary theme and device used from video games and films to literature and even real life.  It’s an amazing resource to use to kick start your writing and push it into a new direction.

Remove yourself

Going for quick a walk in the fresh air is a sure-fire way to find rather random inspiration for your art, especially if you intend to go off the beaten track.  Take your camera-phone with you, and find some quirky landscapes to take some snaps of, or some interesting snippets of conversations to note down.

Plan your ideas

Even if you don’t have the time to actually create the painting or poem you’re dreaming of, there’s no reason whatsoever why you can’t sketch out your magnificent idea.  A journal dedicated to planning out your art is an excellent way of making sure that you still feel in control of your creativity.

Pick your times

Last but by no means least, if you really want to continue being at your creative best over the Christmas period, then you’ve got to clear some time to do so.  Late evenings are generally the best time to set aside, as us students are rather used to late nights and unnatural sleeping patterns, and the rest of the family will be asleep or in front of the TV.


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