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‘Tis the season to embelish!

Studs on shoes, jackets, bags, tops, dresses, the lot. Is fashion being taken over by this military grunge embellishment? I am beginning to tire of the need to give every item of clothing some sort of metallic protruding adornment.

As a fashion lover I demand more and have gone to length to avoid this trend. Yes, my current favourite pair of flats have got gold studs on, therefore desperate times call for desperate measures and these beauties will be staying in the cupboard until studs are no longer a fashion disease.

Girls, if you too are sick of looking just like every other Topshop shopper then fear not: embellishment alternatives are here.

Bring on the beads! Nothing says “‘Tis the season” more than a colourful and beaded number. Have a browse in any High Street retailer to find that beads are the new studs. Not only are they a fresh take on the trend but they come in every size and colour imaginable – it’s like a sweet shop for fashion.

Particularly notable, are the beaded bracelets sneaking themselves in to major shops, as well as onto dresses and knitwear. The bead can be as subtle or as garish as possible but the point is to be imaginative with your colour and pattern.

Nobody wants to have the horrific experience of another girl wearing your outfit, especially at big events such as New Year’s Eve. It’s a fashion disaster to us ladies. If my words reach you whilst perusing Misguided’s latest studded LBD then read on.

If fashion is a concern for your wallet, then head to Norwich Market or any arts and crafts shop and be ready to get creative. To add even more reassurance in the originality of one’s outfit (because let’s face it, we all want to be Cinderella), sewing on beads is a great option.

Pick a handful and attach across the bosom or shoulders to start, maybe adding more as the outfit develops. You could even put beads on the back or shoulders to make for an interesting take on the backless dress. For the fashion shy amongst us, stick to beading up your accessories. The possibilities really are endless, elevating the bead far above the stud.


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