After years of tonal confusion from the DC live action properties, Titans certainly doesn’t create a more consistent style, but it does offer an engaging experience for newcomers and a fresh take on established characters for comics fans. With the mixed success of the dark and serious formerly Zack Snyder led films and the dedicated fanbase of the lighter CW television universe, Titans walks a strange line between the two. The show certainly doesn’t shy away from adult themes and intense displays of violence with Brendan Thwaites’ Robin being portrayed as an unrestrained vigilante – Batman’s moral code being the only thing keeping him from murder. However, many of the more outlandish comic book elements can be found in the show; the iconic Justice League is made reference to and even the kooky Doom Patrol play a prominent role in one episode. The overall effect is a tone that seeks to blend the styles of the cinematic and television universes, creating something fairly unique as far as comic adaptations go.

In terms of the structure and overall plot of the show, Titans seems to be inspired by the highly successful Netflix/Marvel collaboration shows; allowing the characters time to flesh out their backstories separately before uniting them to create new dynamics. The aforementioned Robin serves as our de-facto lead, seeking to escape his former mentor’s shadow. Teagan Croft’s Raven acts as the catalyst for the main running plot thread as she seeks to escape her mysterious father’s long reach while Starfire (Anna Diop) and Beast Boy (Ryan Potter) make up the rest of the core team. With cameos and Easter-eggs aplenty alongside a rock-solid cast, Titans represents a bold new move for DC on the small screen.

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