They say time flies while you’re having fun, but they left out how quickly term passes when you’re planning the next issue.

Our 350th issue of Concrete is just as diverse, collaborative and enthusiastic as any other, but saying that, having weekends off over the Easter break might be good for me and Emily…

This issue’s front page investigates a story that should have ended 350 issues ago; sexual assault on campus. Revolt Against Sexual Assaults’ survey showed that 31 percent of students have witnessed sexual assault or harassment. While I found the number staggeringly high, my friends expected higher.

Sexual assault is not exclusively a problem for the victims and perpetrators; ending sexual assault is a fight we all need to be a part of, witnesses included. This attitude was epitomised in Norwich’s Reclaim the Night (featured on our front page) which saw students march to end sexual assault and reclaim women’s right to walk at night.

If one debate isn’t enough, Comment features the topic still on everyone’s lips, (despite beginning discussions) the strikes. Jack Ashton’s article ‘Four alternatives to strike compensation’ informs and addresses how students can engage with the strikes on page 16.

For our 350th, Features looks at International Women’s Day and celebrates Concrete’s women in media on page 11. My favourite advice was bestowed by ex Editor-in-Chief Geri Scott to fellow ex Editor-in-Chief Megan Baynes; “You can’t chase a story in heels.” Oddly enough, when I walked into my Deputy Editor interview, ex-Deputy Editor Caitlin Doherty complimented my pink loafers – there is something about a pair of shoes.

Articles on sexual assault, harassment and strikes have featured all too frequently in Concrete’s last 350 issues, but we can work to eradicate them from the next.