Men’s Fashion Week has already dominated the catwalks of London and Milan and is currently promenading in Paris. Although the shows debut collections for S/S14, they have inspired Concrete Fashion to ruminate over our admiration for stylish men from the chic and tailored, to the cool and casual. Below is a list of our top male fashion figures that are dominating the current summer season. Go ahead and indulge yourself.

10. Kanye West
Kanye experienced a rocky start in 2011 with the much disliked debut of his S/S11 and A/W12 collections for women. Nonetheless Concrete Fashion admires the “I am a God” artist’s desire to try, try, get heavily criticised, and try again. In July, Kanye is set to launch his first ever menswear line in France, perhaps the change in direction will be just what he needs to win over the critics.

Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images

9. Henry Cavill
It is not just his chiseled jaw and Grecian body which we humbly admired in Man of Steel, Cavill holds an air of modesty. Off-set Cavill sports the casual t-shirt and jeans look; however it’s his elegant deep navy or steely-grey suits on the red carpet which have earned him a spot in the Top 10.

8. Marcus Wainwright and David Neville
They come as a pair. Usually based in New York, the Rag & Bone designers left a lasting impression following their first ever show in LC: M (London Collections: Men). Their work consisted of lean, white silhouettes; oversized military shapes; the colour silver; and fisherman hats. Wainwright and Neville demonstrated their ability to balance a man’s outfit, and they do it well, very well.

7. David Beckham
One half of fashion royalty, whatever he wears works. It will be no surprise if David follows his “[s]ee I told you she smiles” wife’s fashion footsteps to Beijing where Victoria recently launched her A/W13 line.

6. Miguel
Miguel’s style resonates with his smooth, cool voice. He merges the classic and modern leather look with inverted or over-sized collars, white or black silhouettes, and aviators, of course. Plus there’s his unique hair, which speaks for itself.

Photo: Kevin Winter
Photo: Kevin Winter

5. Matthew Terry
If you don’t know who Matthew Terry is now you will certainly know his name by the end of the summer. As the face of Calvin Klein’s Obsession fragrance and Concept underwear it will be hard to miss out on Terry’s jaw dropping splendour, especially since Obsession is thought to be a favourite fragrance of this summer.

4. Will Smith
Ten years and three children later, and it’s as though the Fresh Prince never left the building. Will incorporates bold and subtle patterns: stripes, dots, plaid, chequer patterns, and nearly every colour under the sun in his daily wardrobe. He’s like a beautiful rainbow and we love it.

3. Pharrell Williams
No one rocks printed tee’s, chequered shirts and baseball caps like Pharrell. As one of the founders of the Billionaire Boys Club, Despicable Me 2 t-shirts are available to commemorate Pharrell’s involvement on the soundtrack, as well as exclusive pieces to celebrate the label’s 10th anniversary.

2. David Gandy
Justin Timberlake may have sung the song but David Gandy lives and breathes the suit and tie combo. Gandy displays great fondness for his three-piece suits equipped with the handkerchief in the breast pocket. His colour pallet is sophisticated, mainly consisting of white, blues, greys, browns and black. Gandy is forever the gentleman of the fashion world.

Photo: Evelina Vazgyte
Photo: Evelina Vazgyte

1. Lester Belisario
There is not much to know about Lester Belisario, except that he was the founder of Ray-Ban sunglasses and the aviator design, which is arguably one of the most iconic and popular sunglasses designs to date. Since Belisario’s creation, sunglasses are not only a necessity but fashionable, and being the summer season, it is all the more fitting that he is our current number one man of fashion.