Top five sci-fi aliens

1) Alien / Xenomorph

The titular character of the Alien franchise has proven itself to be an exciting action sci-fi staple throughout its various cinematic outings, even including the questionable crossover series with the Predator franchise. However, the Xenomorph was never more terrifying than in the original Alien film, isolated and hunting down the crew of the Nostromo.

The costume, designed by H. R. Giger, is equally as beautiful as it is grotesque and terrifying, and actor Bolaji Badejo captured the movement and behaviour of the ultimate predator perfectly with his smooth, stalking movements; turning a silent hunter into an enthralling character in its own right.

2) E.T.

E.T., the Extra-Terrestrial, is the polar opposite of Ridley Scott’s silent killer. A friendly little blob with large eyes and pale skin of a classic cinematic alien, what makes E.T. so special is his bumbling, well-meaning personality and his family friendly appeal, all held together by Spielberg’s magical direction. From the moment he is left behind to the heart wrenching goodbye with Elliot, it is impossible not to find E.T. a charming character and a real gem of the sci-fi genre.

3) Paul

As a recently created character, Paul has a lot to prove in order to make it on to this list. What makes him so special is the obvious contrast between his classic sixties, B Movie-esque facial appearance and his swearing, binge drinking, drug taking persona. Seth Rogen’s voice acting is impressive and stands out even amongst the notable cast, meaning Paul earns his place as the titular character of the film. Paul is the complete antithesis of any alien character in cinema, but remains a charming and engagingly benevolent protagonist in a film which is full of clever references to other sci-fi films.

4) Audery II

How many singing alien plants have appeared in cinemas over the years? Probably not that many. How many of them have been good? Only Audrey II, from the film adaptation of the interesting sci-fi musical The Little Shop Of Horrors. The design of Audrey II might at first seem ridiculous (a giant green head full of teeth resting precariously on a stalk), but the looming threat of the creature is genuinely intimidating and the sassy command of “Feed me!” is endlessly quotable.

5) Yoda

A list of the top five aliens in science fiction movies would not be complete without this little guy. Brilliantly entertaining both as a charming tired old puppet in the original trilogy and a lightsaber-wielding CGI badass in Revenge Of The Sith, Yoda has always proved to be an entertaining and original character. As well as being immensely complex, Yoda is shown to have several different sides to his personality (wise tutor, weary warrior, cantankerous old man) throughout the Star Wars franchise, and even that only feels like the tip of the iceberg.


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