Travelling does not always have to mean going to the airport, getting on a plane, and going somewhere new and exotic. Sometimes the most refreshing feeling is to take a bus out of town, go to the seaside, and explore a village. It doesn’t take a lot of energy, time, or money, and still gives you the joy of exploration by doing something so incredibly simple. There are countless beautiful villages scattered throughout Norfolk, that you can even reach by bicycle. A great excuse to get your blood pumping, while travelling!

One of the biggest reasons many of us enjoy travelling is because we love getting immersed in new cultures. When we travel we meet all kinds of people, but never forget that in university there are all different kinds of cultures and communities right here on campus. In a university with all kinds of cultural and language societies, joining just one of them and getting completely immersed in to it will introduce you to all different kinds of people with similar shared interests and give you that same exchange that you get when travelling.

Take advantage of the opportunities you can find on campus. Many societies will do an annual trip away, or campus events such as Livewire’s ‘Jailbreak’ can make your travels an epic adventure, shared with friends. Even aside from that, the academic schools will always advertise opportunities to take placements abroad. Perhaps you regret not taking a semester abroad on the Erasmus scheme; just begin to check the opportunities advertised in your newsletter, and go for it!

During our time at university, most of us will meet people from all different kinds of backgrounds. Utilise your friendships into the maximum by exchanging experiences between the two of you. Show them around your native hometown, and take the time to visit theirs. The more people you meet, the more places you see, the cycle goes on and on. Plus it most probably will mean free accomodation – and who would ever turn that down?