The Tories are killing our country

The election is happening. A referendum on Brexit done through the medium of party politics. Exactly what we needed. Thus far, the polling seems to be suggesting a solid Tory majority, though it’s always possible that Corbyn makes the push and manages something special. 

Unfortunately, the simple fact is that a Tory majority would absolutely destroy this country. In the last nine years, all the Tories have done is move the country further and further in the direction of disarray, harming the NHS, harming the working classes and continuing to sell itself wholesale to the far-right.

And now we’re tearing ourselves apart; the whole country is fighting and arguing with itself, burning down the last vestiges of decency we have over these thoughts and ideas which are being pushed on us from the people who only ever walk amongst us when they’re campaigning for our votes, who don’t care about us. I love Britain. I love the British (even the Welsh, at times). I know we’ve spent hundreds of years being the worst people in the world, but I felt like for some period, we’ve actually been good. United. Together. 

It’s despicable to see the state we’re in, it’s despicable to see how we’ve torn ourselves apart and it’s because of the Conservative party. I don’t mind small-c conservatism and I didn’t mind the big-C Conservatives. Obviously I don’t support every action that was made under Thatcher or Major or any Conservative Prime Minister stretching back, but at least it felt like they thought they were right to do what they did.

However, under Cameron, May and Johnson, it just seems like respectability is out the window and the party has subsisted to the depths of treachery and deceit of the British people.  David Cameron used austerity measures to take money out of the poorest in Britain and then he sold his soul to the Eurosceptics in order to maintain his party’s ability to hurt the poor even more. 

Theresa May was an utterly unrelenting, shameless, vile person, who as Home Secretary destroyed the police force and tried to get rid of the Human Rights Act. Then as Prime Minister, she lost all the ‘meaningful votes’, let Grenfell Tower burn, oversaw the Windrush Scandal and messed about with the EU and Parliament for years on her so-called red lines and inability to compromise. 

And now Boris Johnson, who lied in the Brexit referendum, lied as a journalist, lies as Prime Minister and would sell out the entire nation to get more power (and by would, I mean has). I can’t imagine the further damage that would be done if the Conservatives won this election, dragging us out of Europe, further destroying the economy beyond what austerity has already done, selling the NHS off to the Americans and continuing to hurt the working class of this country as much as they possibly can.

I’m not a Labour supporter, but I am praying they win. I am praying for Corbyn as Prime Minister. We can’t survive more of the Conservatives. So-called Comrade Corbyn may look like a bit of an idiot sometimes, but at least he cares. He wants to help people, not just help his rich mates do well in the markets when they bet against Britain. 

Imagine going back to a Prime Minister with ideals that are not just financial interests, who thinks he needs to help, not that he’s born to rule. The modern Conservative leadership is disgraceful and you can see it in how they’ve pushed out truly great conservatives like Ken Clarke.  As they give up their values and just trudge along, a soulless husk of a party, made purely to ‘get Brexit done’, they give up their last scrap of honour. 

We could do so much worse than Corbyn as Prime Minister and it seems, with a Tory majority in the polls, we will.

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