Derby Day 2013, Sport

Trampolining triumphant

UEA Trampolining club triumphed over Essex at Derby Day, keeping their decade-long winning streak firmly intact.

trampolining Tilly

Photo: Steph Gover

The competition went ahead as planned at 3pm in Hall 2 despite some disastrous timetabling issues, that could not be helped due to the adverse weather, in which the trampolining event was moved forward two hours, unknown to the Essex competitors.

Unexpectedly, Essex Trampolining club did not bring any judges, and so the competition was judged by two of UEA’s coaches and Ruth Schofield, president of the UEA trampolining club. After a friendly general warm up, the competition started with the novice set routines.

Essex and UEA performed equally well in execution but three Essex competitors did not fully complete their routines compared to UEA’s one, meaning UEA took an early average score lead. Next up, was the intermediate category where UEA’s Sophie Bedwell, Charlotte Fuggle and Steph Gover all achieved an impressive average execution score of over 8.0, meaning they had little travel, good height and brilliant tucked front somersaults.

Unfortunately for Essex, half of their intermediate competitors failed to achieve a 7. Kicking off the advanced trampolining were the intervanced competitors. Notably high scores were awarded all around however UEA’s Tilly Wood and Emine Akgunduz shone with 8.1 averages for execution. Ruth Schofield was the last to compete being the only entrant in the elite category.

When all the set routines had been completed, the voluntary routines began with some significant tariffs from UEA. Ruth Schofield and Emily Till both designed their own routines for a higher tariff and Till’s modified routine included a piked back somersault and a tucked barani giving her a boosted tariff of 2.5.

Everyone performed spectacularly, but the undoubted winner was UEA trampolining club president Schofield, the solo elite competitor. Schofield’s impressive tariff of 5.9 helped her achieve a total score of 22. Several moves she performed were unique to her routine including a straight barani, a barani ball out and she finished with an awe-inspiring rudi. Schofield’s remarkable execution earned her an average score of 8.0.

The final average scores for the beginner’s category were: UEA 15.0, Essex 13.1. Advanced category: UEA 17.9, Essex 13.7


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