Travel safety: the top ten

Keep your money and cards in separate places, don’t keep all your cash in your day pack and definitely don’t keep it all in your backpack at the hostel or hotel.

Hide a small amount of cash somewhere inconspicuous, just in case; rolled up inside a tampon is a great trick, or stuffed inside socks. Never leave valuables in hold luggage or in storage compartments on public transport.

Invest in a portable safe to keep valuables secure in your accommodation. PacSafe also have ‘anti-theft’ rucksacks, equipped with lots of cool features to drastically reduce the chances of opportunistic robberies.

Get in the habit of checking behind you when you leave somewhere; you’d be surprised how many jumpers, phones, books etc are lost due to people not following this simple step!

Don’t advertise your possessions; walking along decked out in jewellery, with your DSLR camera around your neck, iPhone in hand and wallet sticking out your back pocket is just asking for trouble.

Travel insurance is a must. You can never plan for the unexpected and the last thing you want is a hefty hospital bill as a souvenir!

Keep a copy of your passport, booking confirmations and insurance details online (e.g. Google Drive).

Research the destination thoroughly beforehand. Find the best spots to visit, but also the ones worth avoiding. Try not to get your map out too much – this screams ‘I’m a lost, vulnerable tourist!’.

Be sensitive to local traditions and awware of what can get you in trouble. You can be sent to prison for public displays of affection in Dubai, getting topless in Fiji, or feeding pigeons in San Fran. Vicks inhalers are forbidden in Japan and you can earn a hefty fine for smoking or chewing gum in Singapore.

Most importantly, keep your wits about you, trust your gut instinct and use common sense!


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