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Stay away: my experience travelling with STA

In August, my boyfriend and I went to America for a month. I, being organised and excited about going away, had booked the flights...

A Guide to Interrailing

Every summer waves of young people travel abroad using interrail, ready for an adventure. This quick guide contains helpful tips on how to interrail...

Berlin: a city of the new and the “old”

Everything in Berlin is a lie. I mean that in a good way. Old looking buildings are actually new and the walls don’t keep...

The best review sites on the internet

There are loads of exciting travel sites out there. Polly Grice gives the low-down on her top five.

Is the New York on TV the ‘real’ New York?

When thinking about the Big Apple, we tend to relate it to popular American TV shows: Suits, Ugly Betty, even Brooklyn Nine-Nine. New York...

Top 5 weird and wonderful hostels

Hostels needn't been bland and boring, as this selection of five shows. A stay in one of them is part of the fun of a trip, and it won't dent your wallet too badly either.