Travel / 09/02/2021 Do you know these unwritten rules of flying?

Imagine boarding a plane after an exhausting trip or travel, and all you want to do is get a few peaceful hours of sleep up in the air. But then you hear someone cursing at the flight attendant, or feel kicks behind your seat. Then a bad smell hits you, and later someone reclines their...

Travel / 09/02/2021 The ultimate guide to your perfect staycation

I love staycations, having been on one almost every year of my life, and with Covid-19 restrictions creating doubts around the feasibility of travelling abroad this year, they are gaining a wider appeal. You may be wondering how to make the most out of a holiday in the UK, a country whose climate is very...

Travel / 19/01/2021 A tour guide to Stoke-on-Trent

Stoke-on-Trent is the home of the Potteries; with its residents famously gaining the nickname of the Potters. Though, there is much more to do and see here than just the pot banks and museums. Before we get onto everything else Stoke has to offer, I have to talk about the history of the Potteries. The...

Travel / 19/01/2021 Edinburgh should be on your travel bucket list: here’s why

Until I moved to Norwich, I never appreciated the amazing city I was born in. It was normal to stroll through the cobbled streets and gothic alleyways, blissfully unaware of how lucky I am to call this place home. But having now left and not been into the city centre in almost a year now...

Travel / 19/01/2021 My worst travel experience

In January of 2019, I bought tickets to see a couple of plays and a football game in London. I thought I’d just book a hostel to stay in, how bad could it be? The answer was very. I arrived at the hostel and went upstairs into a dark, sauna of a room with 6...

Travel / 19/01/2021 The future of travel in 2021

Travellers hated 2020. We all did. In 2019 alone, 93.1 million Britons travelled overseas, spending a total of £62.3 billion. Then struck the deadliest virus of recent living memory, destroying lives and killing nearly 2 million people globally. Many of the world’s most popular tourist destinations lay deserted. They still do. And the answer to...



Edinburgh, the fringe city

Rachael Lum bravely investigates Edinburgh’s literary past following its ghostly streets and its famous authors’ old haunts to discover both the light and the dark side of Scotland’s cultural capital.

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