Travel / 04/08/2020 The first Black man to conquer Everest

Sibusiso Vilane was born in rural South Africa in 1970 and moved to Swaziland with his family when he was four years old. Vilane had to support himself through education by working, and in 1993 he began his official working career at a nature reserve as a training game ranger. One could say that his...

Travel / 04/08/2020 Meet these influential Black travelers

As the months go by and we’re still in a limbo waiting for the world to be safe enough for us to resume our normal lives, let’s look at two of the most inspiring Black travelers in the industry. They may not be the most popular or well-known, but rest assured, their adventures have had...

Travel / 04/08/2020 Experiencing a Freudian culture shock in Rome

One of the finest expressions of culture shock, its causes and its effects, was written by famed psychoanalyst and lover of tiny cigars Sigmund Freud – only, he didn’t realise it at the time. In his essay A Disturbance of Memory on the Acropolis, published in 1936, Freud, who at the time was touring Greece...

#BLM, Travel / 30/06/2020 Destinations that celebrate Black lives

The Black Lives Matter movement has gained traction not just in America, but throughout the entire world. So, if you’re interested in places that celebrate Black lives, here are some options. When this pesky Coronavirus allows us to travel again, maybe you’ll consider some of these: Montreal, Canada A beautiful and charming city, Montreal is...

#BLM, Travel / 30/06/2020 Five African cuisines you should try

African cuisine is delicious but for some reason hasn’t quite received as much praise it deserves. You can wander around the streets of Norwich and find countless restaurants suited to any taste bud, yet there is a gaping void that must be filled with these truly fantastic flavours. I’ve picked out some of my top...

Travel / 19/05/2020 Barcelona, baby: Where I want to go after lockdown

Before Covid-19 hit Britain, I had been planning a four-day-long trip to sunny Barcelona to celebrate the end of my degree. Ironically, Spain and Barcelona, in particular, have been horribly affected by the virus outbreak. As my end of assignment trip has been taken away from me, I find that dreaming about going on this...



The sky’s the limit when working USA

Many students find temporary jobs in the UK to earn money over the long summer holidays. Gemma Devenish bucked the trend by finding an exciting job at an American theme park, experiencing the real culture of the USA and making friends from all over the world in the process.


Romantic Florence has got the love

Tuscany is known as one of the most romantic regions of the world, inspiring art from Michelangelo, thoughts from Machiavelli and words from Petrarch. Travel writer Rachael Lum explores some of the famous art galleries and takes in the stunning vistas that Tuscany is well known for.

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