Travelling a post-pandemic world for UK travelers

Ever since the pandemic hit and countries across the world are forced into lockdown, most of us have been itching to hit the road and start travelling again. As infection and death rates change each day, the UK government is constantly updating their travel corridor list. But what does the most recent list look like? If the travel bug has been especially impossible to appease, you may be delighted to know that UK travellers can (at least, as of now) visit several overseas destinations without restrictions.

The first one is Germany. The German Interior Ministry has recently announced that travellers coming from the UK no longer need to show a valid reason for entry. Standard immigration rules still apply, but this means it’s possible to visit for a holiday. Although certain regions in England, Scotland and Wales are considered high risk, those who can provide a negative test result at least 48 hours prior to arrival can freely enter without quarantining.

Meanwhile, the Government of Gibraltar lifted air travel restrictions a few months ago, so you can fly into this exquisite peninsula as long as you have a valid travel document. You could also choose to travel to Greece, where you’d only have to complete a Passenger Locator Form online before arrival. Note that you may be asked to undergo testing by the Greek officials, although this is fairly unlikely for passengers coming from the EU and the UK.

Italy and Vatican City have also opened up their doors for UK visitors. Unless you have been to one of the listed high-risk countries 14 days prior arrival, entry is as simple as filling a self-declaration form. The local authorities have stated that UK travellers would most likely be exempted from any self-isolation requirements.

Some countries like Barbados and Antigua and Barbuda will ask for a health certificate and recent negative test, while others require you to undergo a self-quarantine period. Still, many borders remain closed for tourists from the UK, such as Japan, Australia, Finland, Hong Kong, Vietnam and New Zealand. 

You should also remember that any previous trips you’ve had might affect future ones. Many countries will ask for your travel record up to 14 days before your arrival, simply to check if you have been to any areas that are designated as high-risk.

All in all, these destinations are mainly lifting travel restrictions because their COVID-19 curve has significantly declined, or at least flattened. However, my personal advice is for all of us to avoid foreign travels for the time being, unless it is absolutely necessary. Stick to local getaways and holidays.

Besides, it’s a good way for us to truly explore nearby destinations and discover some hidden treasure troves!

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