Travelling after graduation

As I approach the end of my fourth year of university, a break from the stress is much needed. Whilst everyone around me are applying for a permanent job, my intention is to travel – to see the world before I reluctantly find a job and start paying off my student debt!

Having finished my undergraduate in Summer 2018, I know several people who have travelled abroad. Everyday my Facebook feed is covered in images of people on their world travels around the UAE, Asia, Australia, Europe – they’re everywhere! But where would you go?

Personally, I think I’ve seen enough of Western Europe for now, so I would start further east in the Balkans and work my way out towards Turkey and Asia. Other people may want to explore Western and Northern Europe which can be easily done if you buy an Interrail ticket, or Busabout. Busabout isn’t as well-known as Interrail, but someone I met on my travels did this and it was a lot cheaper and more than just Europe – they can be found in Asia, North Africa and the USA too! Great if you’re working on a tight budget.

It’s entirely your choice on where to go, but so many places are student friendly. I, like many others, am excited to see what adventures lay outside of Europe. Thailand is a destination a lot of young people visit. It’s warm, it’s cheap and has so many activities from mountain climbing to spending your time on a beach. From there you can move into Cambodia and Vietnam, or take a plane and visit China. An American road trip is also something so many people fancy doing. After all, it’s about the freedom and adventures.

Budgeting is key though. There’s no point travelling if you’re going to spend all your money in the first few weeks. Saving up is a must, as is considering how expensive a place is and how long you will stay there is also a good way of saving money. As is hostelling: not everyone’s dream place to stay, but by far the cheapest. That is if you don’t want to carry a tent with you and camp!

There are also options to work your way through your travels. I know it sounds boring but stay with me here! With options like Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) and WWOOF-ing, you can earn as you go! Plus, if teaching is what you have in mind after travelling, TEFL would be a great experience! Another option to help budgeting is to get a tourist working visa so you can travel and earn using skills you have (such as bar work).

What should you take though? It depends on how much you want with you. Of course, if you’re travelling for an extensive period of time you are going to want more clothes and home comforts such as electronics. But perhaps ask yourself if these will be entirely necessary. Would you rather make space in your bag for camera to capture your trip of a lifetime? What you pack ultimately depends on where you go. If you head to Africa, perhaps a mosquito net would be a wise thing to pack. So, make sure you plan for places such as this.

The most important thing for a year out travelling is to enjoy yourself. Don’t make it too stressful for yourself. It’s a time to relax, have an adventure, meet new (and often amazing) people and think about what you are going to do next. It’s a time for you.

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