I think it’s safe to say that when the majority of students looked at our timetables for the year and noticed a three-week-long Easter break, there was rejoicing all around. It’s incredibly tempting to use those weeks to catch up on all the seminars we missed – or even to give up and house-party our way through the holiday – but I suggest you do something completely different.

Last year, we had a similarly long Easter holiday, and at first I didn’t expect that I would do much with it. Although I am one of those students who is incessantly making extensive travel plans, this was one of the first times that I felt I could really take a break. This was a window of time that I wasn’t expecting, and the optimistic side of me that makes those unachievable travel plans would have jumped at the opportunity to head abroad for a few weeks. However, there was my little old brain telling me to head back home for those couple of weeks, the two-hour journey being the extent of my Easter travelling.

Then my friend came along and casually mentioned that there were half-price deals on flights to Japan, and that I had to go. I’m normally quite easily persuaded, but this time I was adamant that I wouldn’t be jetting off anywhere. But after a fair bit of convincing on my friend’s behalf, I was in that familiar place again: booking discounted flights to a new country.

I had an absolutely amazing time. It was possibly the best trip that I’ve ever taken, and not simply because of where I was visiting and what I was doing, but because I kept reminding myself that I would otherwise have been stuck at home in front of the television. I had been so adamant that two weeks was not enough for me to really see the country, and that I didn’t want to see it in a rush, but it was not like that at all. Although it was a little fast-paced compared to my usual travel speed, when I look back I only think of all the things I saw and not what I could not see – after all that’s reserved for next time. What I was doing was so superior to what I had expected would be the best use of my time, and I couldn’t believe how ready I had been to lose my time, basically doing nothing.

Although travelling does not always come cheap, budgeting a little so that you can use your holidays to go on new adventures is invaluable. You may never get those windows of time again. We have multiple holiday breaks throughout the year, and we could use them so wisely before we head in to jobs that doe not allow for such extensive breaks. With just a little less money spent on pizza and jaegerbombs, and a little more time spent getting out and about, the difference you could make in the quality of how you spend your time is priceless.

We should all be a little more aware of the excuses we make to let ourselves be lazy. Even when it comes to things that should really excite us, such as travelling, university can often dull us down, turning us in to lazy human beings who live on a diet of takeouts,and who take any measures possible to avoid leaving the house on a week off. But once you get out there, it’s hard to understand why you were so adamant to be a recluse. Use the holidays to go to that place you have always wanted to visit. Why not? You’re a student who has three weeks to be able to do anything they like with it, so do it!